Member Featured in Local Magazine

Member Mary Delgado was featured in Local Flavor Magazine for her conservation efforts

The text reads:

I am a member of the Santa Fe Garden Club, and within the club, I am on the Conservation Committee. Besides dispersing money to worthwhile organizations within the community and state, this committee is also dedicated to an area of river to clean on a regular basis. Originally, I would sign up and occasionally clean the area, and [I] eventually just started handling the whole operation. It takes some coordination, including arranging two volunteers twice per month, making sure they have the necessary tools and training. Then there are reports to write! Sometimes, when no one volunteers, I’ll just go down and clean it myself. Occasionally, my husband Dan will stand on the Delgado Street Bridge and watch over me! I want to see the river be a beautiful, safe place that all of our citizens and visitors can enjoy.

2017 GCA Annual Meeting Flower Show

Anne May’s design was featured on the cover of By Design Magazine

Anne May of Santa Fe Garden Club, Zone XII won Best in Show and the Sandra Baylor Novice Award at the 2017 GCA Annual Meeting Flower Show, Maryland in May. She entered the Maryland Writers and Musicians class and “Tom Clancy” was the writer she chose to interpret. As the judges said, Anne is “clearly and presently no longer a novice!” Congratulations on a job well done! (p.2)

BIS Citation: Chaotic tension of forms have been combined to produce total harmony. (p.11)

STATEMENT OF INTENT: Tom Clancy The father of Techno-Thriller Fiction, Clancy masters chaos! His novels intertwine explosive geo-political suspense, cutting edge weapon systems and tension filled plot twists.

Plant Material: Strelitziae reginae (Bird of Paradise), Phormium tenax (New Zealand Flax or Hapene Leaves)

Santa Fe Garden Club Flower Arranging Award Winner

detail view

National Affairs and Legislation

Delegates to the National Affairs and Legislation meeting in Washington, DC

Garden Club of America NAL and Conservation Committees

The National Affairs and Legislation Committee (NAL) was established as a committee of the Garden Club of America (GCA) in 1969. Its focus is to bring matters of national legislative importance to the attention of 200 GCA member clubs. Conservation and NAL Committee delegates meet annually in Washington, D.C. to review significant legislative proposals as articulated in the GCA Position Papers and support the GCA’s mission to “restore, improve, and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement .” During the Washington meetings, conservation and NAL club delegates meet with their respective state legislators to discuss the GCA Position Papers and legislative issues; attend conferences and lectures; and exchange ideas with 400 other delegates. The Conservation Committee publishes CONWATCH, a quarterly online newsletter that highlights timely national conservation and environmental issues.

Lighthawk (a Conservation Grant Recipient)

Featured Image: Merry Schroeder, Lighthawk pilot and member of the Santa Fe Garden Club prepares for flight

An aerial view of the Santa Fe River

An aerial view of the Pedernal, the mountain that Georgia O’Keeffe often painted.

Aerial view of Abiquiu Dam and Lake Recreation Area

Reunity Resources

Imparting the science of “Sexy Soil” at Reunity Resources

Garden Projects at Public Schools

Kindergarten students exploring gardening. A Santa Fe Garden Club provisional project.

Partners in Education, Santa Fe Public Schools

PBS movie Volcanoes in New Mexico

Funding by Santa Fe Garden Club

Spanish Colonial Arts Museum—Dyer’s Garden

Amelia White Rose Garden